Anke Kruse Organics Inc., was in website from about 2002 to 2005. Later, Mr. Anke Kruse used for a similar business. Now, that website is forwarding to

Billy Billy
I’m suprised to see you here.

Betty Betty
Totally. And you too. Why are you here?

Billy Billy
I clicked a wrong link obviously. But what’s going on with this website? Is it abandoned?

Betty Betty
I think someone else is re-developing it, but telling the history of the old site too.


Anke Kruse, immigrated in 1988 from Germany to Canada and entered the import and export business, specializing in organic food products. Their range of products included (during 2002-2005): WILD COUNTRY, HARVEST SUN, TARTEX, SCHNITZER and IF YOU CARE.

All their products had No Artificial Colouring, No Additives, No Preservatives.
Most products were GMO-Free, Gluten-Free and Vegan.

In the summer of 1995, Shurli Chohan joined the company as Vice-President and National Sales Manager. Over the years, the company introduced more and more products, in organic food products.

After and, I believe they manufactured their own products under the name GoLife, and subsequently, GoBIO.

Contact info: 14191 Crewsons’s Line, Acton, Ontario, L7J 2L7, Canada

Billy Billy
OK fine. I’m not particularly interested in organic foods though.

Betty Betty
Shush. I AM interested. but it’s so hard to believe product labels nowadays. I hope this website turns into something that provides USEFUL information for judging the truth of food production, processing and marketing.


Yes, we will in fact, be adding perspectives on alternative medicine, organic nutrition and health benefits, as well as some skepticism against placing too much importance on it. Something similar perhaps to’s approach to gluten free diet information.