organic-foodEating Organic Food Saved Me

For so long, I battled this uncomfortable condition that caused me so much stress. After eating, I would get an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, accompanied by a range of symptoms. Sometimes, I would have a indigestion accompanied by constipation and gas. Other times, i would get a bout of diarrhea that would last for days.

The condition was beginning to affect both my work, and social interactions. I cannot tell you how many times I took an emergency leave because I was in pain. The feeling of being constantly gassy and constipated made me avoid social places. Coupled with the unpredictable diarrhea, I was forced to stay indoors most of the times so that I do not get into any embarrassing situation.

I tried taking the antibiotics and painkillers recommended by my doctor, but they only offered me a temporary relief. It didn’t take long before my symptoms recurred, even worse than before. I eliminated all the foods that I thought were responsible for my condition, but nothing changed. To be sincere, I was hanging on the thin line of depression before I bumped into the solution.

Market Fares

There was a market fare in our neighborhood, and I decided to attend it. Farmers from all over the region were bringing their produce to showcase and sell. It was exciting, and I went with my friends to take part and enjoy the event. There were so many items on sale, ranging from fruits, vegetables, and other fresh stuff. Their aim was to educate the locals on the importance of eating organic food.

That is how I ended up buying a lot of fruits and vegetables from the farmers. Since I wanted to compare them with what I was used to buying regularly at the store, I decided to dedicate my whole week eating what I had bought from the market. I was surprised at the results. That whole week, I didn’t experience any discomfort in my stomach.

No gas. No diarrhea. No constipation. No rumbling stomach!

There was definitely something about eating organic food that was working well for my stomach. And that is how my journey of getting the right nutrition from foods that are beneficial to my health started. I realized that perhaps I was dealing with Crohn’s disease, and having a proper diet was a good way of dealing with the symptoms.

I embarked on eating exclusively organic food. However, I noticed that even though some of the big corporations marked their products as organic, they didn’t work for me. I still found myself getting complications when I used products from most big companies that claim to be selling purely organic stuff.

I decided to buy only from small companies that got their food items directly from the farmers. With this, I am assured of quality, and so far, my health has improved. I no longer rely on over the counter medication to get relief. Moreover, I have become more productive at work, thanks to my diet change. Taking breaks from work is now a thing of the past. I believe that even though I may have been developing symptoms of Crohn’s disease which is something my father has battled for years, I have contained it by embracing the organic food.


by Mercia